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We are as diverse as the patients and communities we serve

We realize that means not just attracting the best and brightest talent. But also ensuring our colleagues can thrive in an environment and culture where we champion Diversity and Inclusion every day, around the world.

Our colleagues – the backbone behind the recognition
Akin to all things at Pfizer, this recognition, too, has been made possible by our people. Our colleagues from across the Commercial, Science, and Medicine and Pfizer Global Supply units in India reaffirmed Pfizer India as their employer of choice and rated us positively during the evaluation process. This allowed us to win this coveted certification in our first year of participation.

We want all patients to have equal access to healthcare, and accessible and affordable drugs. Within our business, we believe everyone deserves to be seen, heard and respected for who they are.

That’s why we focus and invest in making Pfizer an amazing workplace for all. Our Diversity & Inclusion Leads around the world partner with Business Leaders to make sure our approach and processes reflect our key values.

It’s about who we are. We want all our colleagues to develop, grow, and succeed. We commit to making that happen, and to sharing and celebrating our successes as we bring together people from all backgrounds, geographies and perspectives.

All areas of our business groups are dedicated to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion as we adapted enterprise-wide initiatives to drive diversity, equity and inclusion across our businesses.

We believe our core values are simple, powerful and interconnected—courage, excellence, equity and joy and these are only possible when we ensure that all Pfizer colleagues feel welcome and included at every step of their Pfizer Journey.

The focus on gender balance/gender diversity is the most elementary aspect of Diversity and Inclusion and is the underlying theme for various Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives that are undertaken in our journey of Making Pfizer an amazing workplace for all in India. There is enough and more research to indicate that diverse teams propel an organization’s growth and success journey and while there are many forms of diversity, gender is the most basic and visible form of it hence a crucial aspect to focus on. 

We have outlined two very clear DEI goals for Pfizer in India:

We also understand it is not just about increasing diversity but also creating a safe and inclusive workplace where our colleagues are able to bring their true and best selves to work every day. Some of the initiatives that we have as an organization.Differentiated Rewards for Diversity Hiring

As part of this initiative, referral policy for the organization was made more lucrative encouraging women colleagues to refer women peers for field roles and earn double the referral amount. Additionally, your company also created a differentiated reward scheme for Internal Sourcing team to create a pipeline for diversity profiles for field roles. 

Our Leadership team displayed a strong Commitment to its’ Diversity, Equity & Inclusion agenda which was evident in the expansion hiring project for Hospitals and Vaccines team. The expansion saw business and HR teams coming together to champion the cause of D&I and we were able to successfully on-board 100% diversity talent for Vaccines team and 51% diversity talent for Hospitals team. We have also identified and ear-marked certain locations across teams which are conducive for diversity hiring and are pursuing our Diversity agenda aggressively.​​​​​​​

First Saturday of the Month Day-off for Field Colleagues

Effective January 1, 2020, we had launched the policy of First Saturday of the month day-off for our field colleagues. As per the earlier policy, colleagues in the field had all Saturdays of the month working which would have left very little time for our filed colleagues to spend away from work and focus on their personal aspect and give time to their family members. This was also a common feedback that was received from our field soldiers on the ground. Keeping this into consideration, in the beginning of 2020, the policy of First Saturday of the month day-off for field colleagues was launched. An initiative which represented inclusive leadership and have a significant impact on the lives of our field colleagues who form most of our Commercial organization. This initiative also further strengthened the bond between Leadership team and field colleagues as it led to involvement/say of our field colleagues in bringing a change to the policy

Travel Safe

Safety of our colleagues is of prime importance to us and while there are existing initiatives like Pfizer Driver’s Safety program which is more holistic and tends to educate all our field colleagues on practicing Road safety. We did realize that many a times our colleagues in field end up working late in the evening. This led to concerns about them getting back home safely. As a responsible employer, we would like to ensure that our women colleagues get to the safety of their homes and families at late hours and leave the worry of a safe travel option to the organization. We had thus introduced our initiative of Travel Safe where all colleagues in field can avail cab facility on days, they work beyond 8 PM in the night to return home. We also do advise our colleagues that this facility should be availed judiciously and under special circumstances only. Ideally, we would want to ensure that all colleagues conclude their interactions with HCPs or Hospitals or Trade partners within stipulated work hours, to the best of their ability.

Flexible Working Arrangements

With a strong belief that each colleague’s approach to work and their work schedule is as varied as our colleagues themselves, Pfizer India has introduced Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA), effective January 1, 2020. While FWA isn’t always an option for every role in the organization, flexibility through non-traditional work arrangements can make a big difference in creating space and time for meaningful work. Flexible Working Arrangements (FWA) was extended to all our colleagues who are based of Pfizer Head-Office in India. There are broadly 3 forms of FWA that colleagues can avail:

Flexible Working Hours (FWH): Colleagues can adjust their arrival and departure time based on your needs; however, they are required to be present during core business hours
Work from Home (WFH): WFH is an agreement between manager and colleague to work from home basis an established schedule. The period and days of WFH will be jointly determined by colleague and the manager, considering business and personal needs.
Part-Time Working Hours (PTWH): This temporary part time arrangement must be made for one full payroll month. You can reduce working hours by 4 hours per day or 20 hours per week. Monthly salary, allowance, bonus and other items, however, will be pro-rated accordingly.

Break-through Benefits

Breakthrough Benefits are workplace benefits that Pfizer has extended to colleagues across that exemplify how we bring our Values to life through real, tangible examples that affect everyday lives of our colleagues. The idea behind Break-through Benefits is to put our Big Ideas into action, more specifically focusing on making Pfizer an amazing workplace for all.

These benefits are focused on the Moments that Matter to colleagues, with flexibility to better support colleagues’ diverse needs – from more time to spend at home with loved ones (or time away to recharge), to improved medical and wellness programs – because we know that colleagues are patients too. In line with this, we have made changes in the Paternity Leave and increased the duration to 2 weeks as compared to 5 days earlier. We also introduced Bereavement Leave for 10 days for colleagues to avail time off in the event of an unfortunate event of death of an immediately family member. Additionally, Elective Public Holiday was launched to celebrate our country’s diversity by giving flexibility to our colleagues to opt for 2 Elective Public Holidays basis their cultural and religious importance.

Wellness Benefits: Wellness Benefits focus on overall well-being of colleagues – starting from Maternity Benefits to coverage of same sex partners, Pfizer offers a wide range of benefits for our colleagues and understands and celebrates the uniqueness and strength of each colleague.

Creche Benefit: Creche Benefit is applicable to women colleagues across the organization. This is to ensure that our women colleagues find it relatively easier and convenient to make the transition back to work. As part of Creche Benefit policy, women colleagues can avail this benefit for 2 children (from 6 months to 6 years) and take reimbursement. The maximum limit allowed as per Creche Benefit is INR 7000 per child​​​​​​​.

Transition Coaching

As an organization, we understand the significance of not only getting diverse Talent on-board but also creating an enabling work environment for them where they get to be at their professional best.  As part of this objective, Transition Coaching framework was launched for high potential women leaders taking up new and challenging assignments. In this regard, we partnered with a leading Consulting firm to provide access to external coaches for the identified set of women colleagues. A three-month Coaching journey was crafted specifically for these colleagues in discussion with their managers to enable these women leaders to make a successful transition and setting up them for success in their new roles.​​​​​​​

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